Thursday, October 10, 2013

Make Passive Income Online

We all know that visitor conversions are what bring in revenue to any online business - not traffic. A survey recently conducted shows that over 50% of webmasters analyze visitor behavior only once every 3 months. They however perform SEO related tasks atleast once a week. It is ridiculous how high those statistics are. People should be focusing more on converting visitors. All I ask for is that you implement some basic on-page tactics to engage your visistors. 

Don't be afraid to use videos to grab your visitors' attention. They could simply not be paying attention and miss out on your special offer which could lead to a sale. Using images and texts are no longer effective as it was 10 years ago. People are lazy nowadays and want information delivered to them instantly. If your visitors don't understand why your services or products are superior than your competitors, there is no reason for them to pay you. 

For those who want to know more, please visit - video spokesperson and you will see how this is different from anything else you've seen on the market. A website spokesperson can immediately grab your visitors’ attention and inform, guide, explain and build trust with your audience. One study showed that a video spokesperson improved conversion ratesby atleast 15%. 

If you are looking for an online spokesperson for your website, there are some important things to consider. If I had one tip, it would be to ignore price. As with any other service/product, the cheaper it is, the lower quality you are getting (usually). Most people don't realize how tricky it can be to integrate someone else software onto your own CMS. Also just as important is the video variations. Ideally you’d like a different video for each part of the website, for different times of the day and week. 

The recent release of Google Content Experiments has enabled webmasters to find out what information truly matters to the visitor. Most times, the visitors aren't consciously aware of their choices, but Content Experiment allows you to detect that now. These tests can be anything from the color of your call to action button, or something more complex such as the pricing of your sales page. Once your experiment is set up, make sure to track your key measurements to review your results. The best websites test everything on their page, and we would suggest that you do the same. 

It is very unusual for a company to have access to so many great actors, but Tweople has been able to achieve this over the last 10 years. The exciting thing about the video platform they have created is that it works very well with sites like wix and wordpress. What is important is that your spokesperson can build a relationship with your visitors as quick as possible, otherwise they will leave. The top companies are able to do this. Most actors will have trouble engaging and developing a relationship with the visitors.